Thame Neighbourhood Plan Revision


Since July 2013, the Thame Neighbourhood Plan (TNP) – the community’s vision for the future of the town – has been used to help guide the District Council in making their decisions on the majority of planning applications in Thame and Moreton. But many local people cannot afford to rent or buy a home where they have their roots. The town needs infrastructure, like more community meeting space, improved health facilities, and better means of getting around.

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TNP2 News

Update 10/5/24: Thame Neighbourhood Plan 2 is moving forward!

At the full council meeting, on Tuesday 14 May, the Town Council will decide whether or not to submit the plan for independent examination via South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC). As a part of that process there will be a further 6 weeks public consultation.

Consultation 3

12th June 2023 – 7th August 2023 

This is the first draft of the revised Thame Neighbourhood Plan.  It contains policies for how development should happen in Thame, where housing and employment could go and proposes projects to improve the lives of residents.

It has been written with the benefit of evidence focused on Thame’s needs and over 1,400 sets of comments already made by residents, businesses, and organisations.

Please scroll through the consultation boards (to the right on laptops/PCs, or below on mobiles).  You can click on the image to enlarge / download it.  Alternatively, you can download PDF versions of all the boards and documents that are directly related to this consultation:

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Consultation 2

20th December 2021 – 7th February 2022

We would like to thank everyone who submitted comments and attended the drop-in events. We have received a very high number of detailed comments which will take a few weeks to read through and properly understand. These will be analysed with the help of our consultant, Troy Planning, and presented alongside a timetable for the remaining key stages in the Plan’s review at a Full Council meeting in March / April.
The very next stage will involve the preparation of the first draft of a revised Thame Neighbourhood Plan, which will be written with the help of the comments you have submitted. We will be inviting you to tell us what you think of that plan when it is published, and your feedback will be used to further refine the plan.

Consultation 2 Analysis / Reports

Consultation 2 Documents

Scroll through the consultation boards (to the right on laptops/PCs, or below on mobiles). You can click on the image to enlarge / download it. Alternatively, you can download PDF version of all the boards:

  • TNP2 Consultation Board 1/5 – Welcome & The Consultation

  • TNP2 Consultation Board 2/5 – Vision & Objectives

  • TNP2 Consultation Board 3/5 – Employment Sites

  • TNP2 Consultation Board 4/5 – Housing Sites

  • TNP2 Consultation Board 5/5 – Wider Ideas

Consultation 1

2 August 2021 to 23 August 2021

This consultation explored people’s views on sites allocated for development as well as their views on the character of the area within which they live: what they considered to be positive features and qualities of the area, and what concerns they had, if any, about the impact of new development. Over 500 individuals, businesses and organisations submitted comments in response to the consultation. These views will help further develop our understanding of each area and how we can create policies that influence the delivery of good quality design.

Consultation 1 Analysis

Consultation 1 Documents

Scroll through the consultation boards (to the right on laptops/PCs, or below on mobiles). You can click on the image to enlarge / download it. Alternatively, you can download PDF version of all the boards:

Please note the Site Assessment Table has too many columns to comfortably fit onto a normal screen or sheet of paper.  Each site, therefore, appears 4 times within the table with different matters addressed each time.

Successes of the first TNP

Thame’s original Neighbourhood Plan was a success! The award winning plan has been widely praised for getting much right, first time. Among its successes are:
  • new employment and job opportunities
  • well designed and well linked housing estates
  • delivery of new pathways and open spaces
  • money sourced from developers towards the Town’s infrastructure, e.g. new and improved sport and leisure facilities

What’s changed?

Since the creation of the first Neighbourhood Plan there have been significant changes, including:
  • The District’s own Local Plan was adopted in December 2020 and allocates more housing and employment growth for Thame
  • Introduction of new planning rights, e.g. large house extensions
  • Climate and environmental emergencies being declared
  • The Town Council has adopted the community-led Green Living Plan, the first in the Country
  • House prices rising to levels that many struggle to afford

Why do we need a new Neighbourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan is now out of date on some matters like specialist housing needs. Local residents are concerned about issues such as improved footpaths and cycleways; public EV charging points; protecting their homes from more intense rainfall. Local employers are struggling to find space to expand their businesses and are worried about what new Government regulations will mean for our highly successful High Street.