Promote yourself in Thame

Promote your Community Group, event or activity

To promote your local events, community groups and activities, make sure you:

Prior permission must be obtained, to meet the Terms & Conditions shown below and contained in our Application Form.

Application Form (word doc)

Signage can be positioned at the following 10 locations:

            Position 8: outside Town Hall. Position 9: Market House Railings.
Position 10: Stribble Hills Railings

Promote your Business

If you are a local business, here is how you can promote yourself in Thame:

  • List yourself in our Business Directory
  • Listing your vacancies and internships on our Opportunities page
  • Promote yourself by sponsoring one of the towns large events; by donating prizes for events throughout the year; or by taking part – what about a round of golf for The Mayors Golf Day, or putting on a float in the annual carnival? Main events are listed below, or go to the ‘Festival & Events’ page for information about other events throughout the year.
  • Take part in our regular ‘Dress to Impress’ competition to tie your shop-window in with events and festivals taking part in the town.
  • Sponsor permanent infrastructure around the town, giving your brand publicity throughout the year. Current opportunities include:
    • The Millennium Planter signage;
    • Flower Beds at Memorial Gardens, North Street and outside the Town Hall;
    • Town Gateway Planters;
    • Floral Standards throughout the Town Centre (as pictured)

For more information about each of the above please email

Thame Town Council has responsibility for removing fly posting and monitoring event signage in Thame and the surrounding parish. Any sign which is posted without the Town Council’s prior consent will be removed and retained by the Council for a period of 14 days. Removed signs can be retrieved within this period by contacting the Town Council on 01844 212833.  Signs which are not collected in this period will be destroyed. Signs posted by the travelling community are subject to separate legislation.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Thame Town Council reserves the right to decide which signs may or may not be displayed within the parish at all times.
  2. Thame Community groups will be given priority treatment at all times.
  3. Where the signage is being used to promote an event being delivered by a business a charge may apply as follows:
    • Details of current rates available on request
    • Charges are fixed to cover the full 2 week period
    • Pro-rata charges will only be available if it is not possible for signs to be displayed for the full 14 days of the booking, due to a prior booking
  4. With the exception of Sponsorship which is subject to alternative Terms and Conditions, Signage may be displayed a maximum of 14 days in advance of the event and must be removed within 3 days of the event taking place.
  5. Thame Town Council accepts no responsibility for signs displayed under this agreement. You are responsible for your signs at all times.
  6. All Signage designs must be agreed in writing by Thame Town Council before being displayed.
  7. Signage must be positioned in a way that is sympathetic to grass cutting needs.
  8. No more than 10 signs can be displayed per event
  9. The owner of the sign must indemnify the Town Council against any claims arising from the placement of signs on the highway.  In addition, they may be held liable for any action brought against them if there is an accident or damage due to the object being on the highway
  10. The Town Council will not permit signs which:
  • cause a hazard or interfere with the visibility of motorists;
  • obscure previously existing signage;
  • are offensive or unsightly;
  • are affixed to any tree;
  • represent a danger to vehicles that might collide with it;
  • are intended purely to advertise goods or services.

11. Thame Town Council regards your privacy as important and any personnel information you give will be used in accordance with the law. Please read our privacy notice at