About the Town Council



Thame Town Council is the parish authority for Thame, which has a population in excess of 11,000. We are committed to representing the people of Thame and providing many key local services. 

We have a team of 16 councillors and 19 members of staff who work in partnership with local residents to preserve the town’s unique heritage and dynamic future. By working together we hope to make Thame an even better place to live, work and enjoy.

Policies & Procedures          Financial Management

How We Work

Thame Town Council consists of 16 councillors who are elected for four years at a time in the same way as for other councils. The last elections were held in May 2016, and by-elections may be held to fill vacancies between elections. Each year, councillors choose a chairperson from among their number who becomes the Mayor. You can find out more information about your elected representatives here.

Thame Town Council is an elected body in the first tier of local government. We play a vital role in representing the interests of the community of Thame and work to improve the quality of life and the local environment. In addition, the council plays a key role in influencing other decision-makers such as planning authorities.

How We Are Funded

Thame Town Council has been granted powers by Parliament to raise money through taxation, also known as the precept. The precept is collected on our behalf by South Oxfordshire District Council and is included in your council tax bill. We also receive additional income from grants as well as fees from leasing our premises. The income that is raised is used to improve the quality of life for residents and provide key local services. Further information about Thame Town Council’s financial management can be found here.

Our Responsibilities

Thame Town Council is responsible for a number of services in the local community, however, we also have a strong working relationship with other tiers of authority who provide additional services such as recycling, highway repairs and benefits. Below is a list of the services provided by your local councils and who is responsible for what should you have an issue.

Thame Town Council


  • Allotments
  • Annual events e.g Remembrance
  • Bus shelters and street furniture
  • Green and open space maintenance
  • Planning application recommendations
  • Fair management
  • Grants
  • Town Council facilities hire
  • Markets
  • Upper High Street and High Street car parks
  • Publications
  • Recreations areas
  • War memorials and gardens

South Oxfordshire District Council


  • District Council car parks
  • Community advice and support
  • Council tax and benefits
  • Electoral services
  • Environmental services
  • Business support
  • Housing
  • Planning
  • Recycling and waste
  • Restaurant inspections
  • Sports and leisure
  • Street cleaning
  • Tourism

Oxfordshire County Council


  • Education and schools
  • Fire services
  • Highways inc. potholes
  • Disabled parking and bus passes
  • Libraries, recreation, arts and museums
  • Public rights of way
  • Public transport
  • Social services
  • Trading standards
  • Waste recycling centres
  • Youth services