Environmental Forum

Thame Environmental Forum is a regular meeting with the purpose of working together to embed environmental issues in the community muscle – ensuring they become an integral part of community and citizen life (and ultimately a part of political life), recognising that much of this work will have to happen through empowering, connecting and nurturing community groups, rather than creating a plethora of ‘new’ initiatives through the Environmental Forum.

Meetings take place bi-monthly at Thame Town Hall. 

If you would like more information, or have an issue you would like to bring to the forum, please email becky.reid@thametowncouncil.gov.uk

2024 Dates and time:

  • 28/03/2024, 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start
  • 23/05/2024, 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start
  • 25/07/2024, 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start
  • 12/09/2024, 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start
  • 28/11/2024, 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start