Thame Town Council strives to maintain the vibrancy and vitality of our thriving little town, and is keen to work with and support the businesses who choose to base themselves in it. We hope the information provided here is useful to you, but if there is anything else that would be useful to have on our site, please let us know. Contact details can be found on the ‘Support for your Business’ page.

Responding to Covid-19

Thame Town Council has taken the following action in response to the extraordinary circumstances under which we are all currently living. 

  • Established Thame Basecamp

Although we are not able to offer direct business advice, we do have are contacts, networks, and access to higher authorities who can assist businesses in responding to challenges and resolving particular problems. Please come and join this new online business forum to:

    • have the opportunity to talk to other businesses to share knowledge, advice and experience to help in the present
    • access shared resources to support you at this time
    • offer what assistance you can to support other businesses and the wider community
    • receive updates on any relevant local information 
    • take part in planning now that restrictions are beginning to ease, to bring people back to our local town centre, and to find ways to remind the public of the part played by local businesses in making lockdown more bearable.

You can sign up through the link below:

  • Free centralised online listings in partnership with Thame Rewards Club

We have also been working in partnership with Thame Rewards Club, who approached us early on during the crisis to offer to keep an up-to-date listing of all opening hours/ changes to services being delivered by our Independent businesses, in order to support them as much as possible during this difficult time.

Your business may already be listed as they are proactively seeking out and publishing new information at the moment. If not, then you can claim your free listing there today. 

This is free until September 2020

  • Developed a Thame Covid-19 Recovery Action Plan

The economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis could put many jobs at risk and could have a significant impact on the attractiveness of our town. It is not clear what towns and cities will look like after the end of the outbreak, or even how we will fully come out of lockdown. To give Thame the best chance of success to recover from effects of the COVID-19 crisis Thame Town Council has created an Action Plan for recovery. This can be viewed here. We would hugely value your thoughts and input into this, so if you have any ideas or suggestions you can submit these through a form on the same page. 





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Our Responsibilities

Thame Town Council is responsible for a number of services in the local community, however, we also have a strong working relationship with other tiers of authority who provide additional services such as recycling, highway repairs and benefits. Below is an infographic of the services provided by your local councils and who is responsible for what should you have an issue. Click on the image for contact details.