Green Living Plan


At a public meeting on Tuesday 19 June 2018, Councillors voted for the Green Living Plan (GLP) to go to consultation. The GLP has been created by the RSA Thame Group, a local group of Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce, who were appointed by Thame Town Council as honorary consultants to assist in the creation of a GLP for Thame. The consultation period ran during August and September 2018.

On Tuesday 14 July 2020, Thame Town Council formally adopted the Green Living Plan, via a virtual public full council meeting. The Mayor of Thame Town Council, Cllr Ann Midwinter made the following statement following the adoption of the Green Living Plan:

On behalf of Thame Town Council I would like to thank Mr Charles Boundy and his fellow authors,  for all their hard work over the last six years for  providing  us with this very researched and detailed ‘Green Living Plan’ that we have just adopted  that will guide us to help our planet, and in doing  so, the health of the people of Thame. Thank you so much.

On 1 October 2020, the final Green Living Plan was published and can be viewed on the Thame Green Living website.

Thame Green Living Plan and Documents

  • Spaces & Routes

  • Water & Drainage

  • Air & Environment

  • Energy & Efficiency

  • Waste & Reuse

What is a Green Living Plan?

It’s a plan to protect and enhance our quality of life locally in the things that really matter – our air, our water, our overall well-being and the natural world that surrounds us.The GLP for Thame is believed to be an original approach which, we hope, will inspire other towns and villages to act similarly. Further, while concentrating on Thame the plan explicitly recognises the vital importance of the town’s links with its surrounding communities and countryside.

Why do we need a Green Living Plan ?

The Green Living Plan (GLP) fills gaps that Neighbourhood Plans can’t fully cover. It does this by concentrating on our broader environment and by making connections. To help focus, the plan has five colour-coded main areas:

Stay up-to-date on progress

If you want to find out what action is being taken to fulfil the aims of Thame’s Green Living Plan, then head on over to the Thame Green Living website where you can find out more about the current projects being delivered, progress being made, and how to get involved.