Parking for your Staff

As an historic market town, Thame’s Town Centre offers gorgeous old buildings, well-preserved heritage, and a unique shopping opportunity to any who visits … as long as they are able to park!

Thame Town Council is keen to work with businesses based in the town centre to develop adequate parking opportunities for their staff so that the streets and car parks in the town centre are left free for people coming to access the shops and services in the town. 

Unfortunately, the options in are limited at the moment, but those available are outlined below. Please encourage your staff to explore these options fully. As further opportunities develop we will let you know about them through the Business Newsletter and add them below. 

Parking Permits for Cattle Market Car Park

South Oxfordshire District Council manage the Cattle Market Car Park. They issue permits that last for three months or a year and offer parking at discounted rates. You can buy them when space is available.

More information about how to book and prices can be found on SODC’s website.

Rent out a drive-way in Thame

There are several different websites around that allow you to rent a space on someone’s driveway.

Currently ‘Just Park’  has spaces available for rent in Thame. As we become aware of other sites listing spaces in Thame, we will add them here. If you want to find a space for your staff to park, and have a budget for this then please contact Becky Reid at Thame Town Council with your requirements and she will do what she can to support you.

If your business, or one of your employees, is interested in making an income by renting out a drive/spare parking space, there is more information about your options at Money Saving Expert, including the possible impact on your insurance, information about tax implications, and details about the fact that you do not need planning permission, as long as you are considerate to your neighbours.  

Explore lift-share opportunities available

There are several schemes available for people community into Thame, to explore possible car-share opportunities. Try: 

  • Liftshare: Register details on Liftshare and enter the journey you’d like to share. You can check results for matching commuters before registering. Not only will it free up parking spaces, it will also help employees save a lot of money each year. 

  • BlaBlaCar: also lets you search for potential matches without registering, but you’ll need to register for free via Facebook or email if you want to contact a driver or offer a lift

  • KINTO Join is a corporate commuting solution that revolutionises the way a company’s employees travel to work. Our unique technology connects employees sharing the same route to work, and verifies active (walking and cycling) and shared (carpooling) journeys in real-time, allowing employers to offer sustainable commuters built-in incentives, such as priority parking spaces, gift vouchers, etc. 

Once again MoneySavingExpert has some good tips – check out ‘Step 5’ on their Cheaper Petrol & Diesel page