Business Forums & Networks

Thame, and the surrounding area, plays host to a range of Business networks & forums that you may be interested in being part of.

Thame Town Council supports and Chairs the following Business Forums

Thame Business Forum.

Established in October 2012, Thame Business Forum is an independent group with Town Council support. It is regularly attended by senior executives from the larger businesses and employers in the town to discuss matters of mutual interest and, of course, for business to business networking. In essence its aim is to fulfil the role of the now largely defunct Chambers of Commerce in relation to the non-retail sector. The Forum meets every  8/10 weeks and is hosted in turn by members. If you are interested in attending please contact Mike Dyer Chair, Thame Business Forum, for details of the next meeting.

The aim of this forum is:

  • to establish better links between business, local authorities, and the local community
  • to better understand the needs of businesses in Thame
  • to identify, discuss, and resolve common issues and opportunities through mutual cooperation
  • to identify and discuss the challenges facing businesses in Thame, including infrastructure, skills, and resources
  • to encourage better business-to-business communication

 Thame Town Centre Business Forum

This bi-monthly group is hosted by Thame Town Council’s Business Working Group, which exists to ensure that the town centre remains a vibrant place to do business. If you are interested in being part of the Business Working Group then contact for more information.

The aim of this forum is:

  • to better understand the needs of our high street businesses
  • to identify, discuss, and resolve common issues and opportunities through mutual cooperation
  • to identify ways to continue to develop our High Street, gathering feedback and ideas that will then be developed by the Business Working Group. This group will then take proposals to the Town Centre Working Group to gain support and permission to make the ideas a reality. 

Book yourself into one of the future meetings here:


21st Century Thame

Is a partnership between local businesses, community groups, Thame Town Council and South Oxfordshire District councils, coming together to help ensure Thame stays vibrant and viable as a market town.  They work to generate resources so that investment is made into projects that improve and add value to the town. During its existence, 21st Century Thame has helped to bring a range of projects to fruition, including:

  • Thame Food Festival (now a separately owned event)
  • Thame Carnival
  • Thame Equipment Bank
  • Thame Tidy & Moreton Muck out
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Great British High Street Awards
  • Shop front improvement scheme
  • Planters, plaques, walking trails, Thame leaflets.

The groups is always keen to welcome new members so if you would like to be involved the contact WHO

The Late Breakfast

The Late Breakfast events are friendly, relaxed, informal networking affairs. They are run with an ‘open door’ policy welcoming people from all services, professions and trades irrespective of the size of their business whether they are individuals working from home or small and medium size companies.

Meetings are a mix of seminars, mini workshops, general networking and keynote speaker presentations – there is something for everyone. They draw our speakers from both local organisations and key business professionals.

Events are generally run from 9.00-10.30am to give those unable for practical or family reasons to attend the early breakfast networking groups their own opportunity to network.

Meetings take place monthly at The Spread Eagle Hotel

The Oxfordshire Project

The Oxfordshire Project host over 150 business events each year across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Their meetings are friendly and informal, starting with a half-hour meet & mingle session, followed by a business related talk, some food and the opportunity for participants to introduce themselves and their business, as well as hear from all our members and guests.