Policies & Procedures

This section covers the Council’s current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities. View information regarding our financial management.

Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy [PDF]

Business Continuity Action Plan [PDF]

Business Continuity Strategy [PDF]

Code of Conduct (Councillors) [PDF]

Code of Corporate Governance [PDF]

Community Engagement Policy [PDF]

Complaints Policy [PDF]

Community Group or Club Assistance Request Procedure (including s106) [PDF]

Dignity at Work Policy [PDF] 

Dispensations Policy [PDF]

Display Screen Equipment [PDF]

Document Retention & Disposal Policy [PDF]

Driving & Towing at Work Policy [PDF]

Emergency Response Plan [PDF]

Environmental Policy [PDF]

Equality and Diversity Policy [PDF]

Financial Management Procedure [PDF]

Financial Regulations [PDF]

Fire Safety Policy [PDF]

Fire Safety Management Policy [PDF]

First Aid at Work Policy [PDF]

Fixed Asset Depreciation Policy [PDF]

Flag Flying Policy [PDF]

Freedom of Information Policy [PDF]

Graffiti Removal Policy [PDF]

Grant Awards Policy [PDF]

Health & Safety Policy [PDF]

Holding an Event on Thame Town Council Land Policy [PDF]

Honorarium Policy [PDF]

Induction Policy [PDF]

Information and Data Protection Policy [PDF]

Information Management Strategy [PDF]

Insurance Strategy [PDF]

Investment Strategy [PDF]

IT Policy [PDF]

Land Acquisition & Disposal Policy [PDF]

Loan Policy [PDF]

Lone Working Policy [PDF]

Long Service Awards [PDF]

Marking the Death of a Senior National Figure [PDF]

Members Allowances Scheme [PDF]

Members & Officers Protocol [PDF]

Memorial Benches, Trees & Shrubs Policy [PDF]

Metal Detecting Policy [PDF]

Officer Code of Conduct [PDF]

Partnership Working – A Code of Practice [PDF]

Pensions Discretions [PDF]  /  LGPS Terms of Reference [PDF]

Personal Protective Equipment Policy [PDF]

Pesticide and Herbicide Policy [PDF]

Play Area Inspections Policy [PDF]

Play Area Strategy [PDF]

Procurement Policy [PDF]

Promotional Signs Policy [PDF]

Publication Scheme – webpage

Risk Management Policy [PDF]

Schemes of Delegations [PDF]

Severe Weather Policy [PDF]

Social Media & Media Relations Policy [PDF]

Sponsorship Policy [PDF]

Standing Orders [PDF]

Structures on the Highway Policy [PDF]

Terrorism Policy [PDF]

Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) and Overtime Policy [PDF]

Town Twinning Policy [PDF]

Training & Development Policy [PDF]

Transparency Code [Webpage]

Tree Management Policy [PDF]

Work Experience Policy [PDF]

Working at Height Policy [PDF]