Thame’s Green Living Plan gets the green light

On Tuesday 14 July at a virtual Full Council Meeting, Thame Town Council adopted the Green Living Plan.
It was resolved that: ‘Thame Town Council adopts the Green Living Plan on the understanding that the council take it forward in a manner that it can be delivered over time and within its means’.

This means that the Town Council are committed to working with the Green Living Group to deliver this proudly ambitious plan with our best endeavours and available budget.
We believe that we may be the first Town Council in England to take this approach to tackle the environmental challenges ahead.
The innovative Plan has been put together by a group of talented and dedicated volunteers through the Green Living Group. Over the last six years through a process of research and consultation and local knowledge, a plan to tackle environmental issues and improve and enhance the overall well-being of residents and visitors to Thame has been created.
The plan contains a number of projects that the Town Council will be investigating and taking forward with the Green Living Group and Thame’s community over the coming years.
The Mayor of Thame Town Council, Cllr Ann Midwinter made the following statement following the adoption of the Green Living Plan.
“On behalf of Thame Town Council I would like to thank Mr Charles Boundy and his fellow authors,  for all their hard work over the last six years for  providing  us with this very researched and detailed ‘Green Living Plan’ that we have just adopted  that will guide us to help our planet, and in doing  so, the health of the people of Thame. Thank you so much.”

Date posted: Thursday 16 July 2020