Town Flag winner chosen

Thame Town Council recently held a community town flag competition, which produced 33 different designs from a range of people within Thame. At the Annual Meeting, on 9 May, Thame Town Council chose the winning design from a shortlist of 4 designs. They were really impressed with all of the designs and thanked everyone who entered. The winning flag was designed by Hazel Mann, and was chosen for its modern design which best reflected the attributes of Thame. The designer has informed us that the wavy lines represent the elements which surround Thame – the blue line represents the River Thame, the white line represents the Phoenix Trail, and the green line represents the countryside. Hazel is excited and proud to be chosen as the winner and is looking forward to seeing the flag being flown! The flag should be produced in the next few weeks.

You can view all of the entries here.

Please note: the winning design was changed slightly prior to being produced, following advice from the Flag Institute. This was agreed by Hazel and Councillors at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 20 June 2017. Click here to read the minutes (Agenda Item 19). Click here to view the Thame Flag when it was raised on 26 July 2017.

Pictured: Mayor (Cllr Tom Wyse) and Deputy Mayor (Cllr Linda Emery) holding the winning design.

Date: Thursday 11 May 2017