Should Thame be Stocking Up?


Cllr Bretherton is a Trustee of Thame Museum and a keen historian. He has recently undertaken some research and discovered the Statute of Labours Act of 1405, an Act that required every town and village to maintain a set of stocks in which to punish vagabonds, layabouts and drunkards. Should a town not posses a set, it would be downgraded to a hamlet and would lose its right to hold a market or fair. 

Stocks should not be confused with a pillory; stocks hold the feet at a low level whereas a pillory was for the head and hands. The use of the pillory was abolished in England in 1837 but being placed in the stocks is still legal in this country and there is no evidence that the statute of 1405 has even been repealed.

The Town Council is eager to gain your opinion as to whether a new set of stocks should be commissioned for Thame. Whilst it in unlikely that our town will be downgraded to a hamlet for not possessing a set, it has been proposed that stocks would be a welcome addition to the town to assist in community fundraising and tourism. Please get in touch if you've been desperate to hold a sponge throwing competition and lack the right equipment or if you think the idea of a set of stocks deserves 'twelve strypes with a rodd'. Tell us your opinion via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone on 01844 212833 or Twitter

New Civic Year Begins


Cllr Linda Emery (L) and Cllr Nichola Dixon were officially elected as the Mayor and Deputy for the new civic year. The two have effectively switched roles; Cllr Emery was previously Deputy Mayor supporting Cllr Dixon in her role as Mayor for 2015-16.

It will be Cllr Emery's first time as Chair of the Council and she is looking forward to many civic and fundraising events over the coming year. The two chosen charities she will be raising money for over the next twelve months will be the Red Kite Children's Centre and the Thame Youth Project. She also intends to host a one-off fundraising event for specialist medical equipment for the Rycote Practice.

Speaking following her election she said: "I consider it a great honour for me to be selected from my peers to be Mayor of Thame. Thame is a wonderful place to live because it has an amazing community spirit. We are going to go through many changes and challenges in my year as Mayor. We will all work together to embrace change and adapt to it to the best advantage for our community."

Cllr Emery's first duty as Mayor of Thame will be to attend the Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action awards ceremony at Oxford Town Hall on Wednesday evening. 

RAF Halton Freedom Parade


The Town Council would like to express our thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's Freedom Parade. It is an honour to welcome RAF Halton back to Thame and to demonstrate our support as a community for the airmen and airwomen who are serving and stationed at the base.

More photographs from the event can be viewed on our Flickr Photostream.

Town Awards Winners Announced


On Thursday evening, representatives from community organisations across Thame came together to celebrate this year's deserving recipients of a Thame Town Award. Seven awards were given out to some truly remarkable members of our town. Below is a full list of the 2016 award winners:

Creative Arts Achievement - Holly Shiels
Sporting Achievement - Mark Wilkins
Service with a Smile - Chris Wren
Sporting Achievement - Josh Preston
Voluntary Individual - Angela Willson
Lifetime Achievement - Sheena Beard
Lifetime Achievement - Nick White

Congratulations to all of this year's winners! Find out more about why they won their awards by clicking here!

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