Outer Circuit Section 3

Emmington to Haddenham

5.6 miles. Take the number 40 bus from Thame and alight at Emmington.

Point 19

Walk up the side road on the left signposted “Emmington Village Only”. Turn left again immediately after the row of cottages to follow a footpath sign “Towersey 3”. At a junction of paths turn right, to go through a kissing gate to the right of a large field gate. Continue along the left side of a field to a wooden telegraph/electricity pole, then go left through another kissing gate to follow the right side of the next field in the same direction. 

Photo courtesy of Doreen Rockall

Point 20

Then continue on the path around the edge of this very large field to reach the far right hand corner and a gate. Through the gate and over a footbridge to turn immediately left for a few yards to the corner of the next field. Cross the
footbridge and stile here, then turn right onto a wide track alongside a wood to reach the corner of the field. Turn left at the footpath sign and continue with a hedge on the right. The path bears right to reach another field corner.

Photo courtesy of Doreen Rockall

Point 21

Turn right over a footbridge and stile and after just a few yards go left over another stile and footbridge through a gap in the hedge. Continue straight ahead along the left side of a large field. In the far left corner cross a footbridge and continue in the same direction in the next field, eventually bearing left between hedges followed by a left over a footbridge and then right to reach a metalled track. This is the Phoenix Trail.

Linking Route 3 (inbound)

Photo courtesy of Doreen Rockall

Towersey Village Green

Point 22

Go straight across to follow the sign to Towersey to reach a minor road. Then left for 400 yards to the Towersey village crossroads. Turn right here and then fork right by a sign “Unsuitable for Motors”. Almost immediately fork right again to follow the sign “Bridleway Kingsey 1”. Follow this bridleway for about a mile, ignoring paths to left and right, to reach a main road. Turn right for a short distance along a gravelled path, then cross the road to follow the side road, signposted “Haddenham 3”.

Point 23

Just past a letter box on the right turn left onto a track in front of Blossom Lodge. After a short way reach a minor road. Turn left and almost immediately right through a gate. Then turn left to follow the left side of a field. As the fence bears left continue straight ahead across the field. On
reaching the far side of the field (Linking Route 4 joins here) go straight ahead following the path into the trees. Go over a footbridge and through a kissing gate to follow a clear path across a field to reach a gap in the hedge and a gate.

Linking Route 4 (inbound)

Photo courtesy of Doreen Rockall

Point 24

Go through this and turn right to go along the right side of the field to a corner. Turn right through a gate by a cattle grid then bear left to go under a railway bridge. Immediately after the bridge bear diagonally left across a small field to a gate into an enclosed path that passes some Wychert walls to reach a minor road. Continue to the right up the road to reach Haddenham Green with its duck pond
and church.

Point 25

Turn left and left again to follow the road through a residential area, passing Wychert walls on both sides. After the road leaves the houses and crosses a bridge over the railway, go through a gate on the right, close to a derestricted road sign, to follow a permissive path parallel to the railway. At the end of
this path cross the busy road to the path opposite to Haddenham and Thame Parkway station.

It is possible to take a 280 bus from here to Thame.

Linking Route 5 (inbound)

Photo courtesy of Doreen Rockall