It’s our Thame

Welcome to the fifth, and final, way marker of ‘The Peculiar Pot’ – a story trail for Thame. 

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This trail was funding through Public Art Funding, and installed in 2023. Find out more about the project through this link. 

If you would like to follow the trail from it’s start, the first way marker can be found on the corner of Roman Way and Saxon Square (OX9 2FS) – located in the centre of the green space. 

Listen to the part of the story, relevant to this way marker, below:

The Peculiar Pot – Part 5

The Peculiar Pot? 

This story trail was partially inspired by the discovery of an Iron Age pot that was unearthed by a badger in the fields that form part of Thame Meadows Estate. It lead to an archaeological survey which revealed that Thame has a rich prehistoric past, going back around six thousand years. Find out more about Thame’s history through our summary page here, visit Thame Museum, or for a more in-depth look at Thame’s history, you may want to consider joining Thame Historical Society.

And the pot … is in Thame Museum 

…well, the pot in this story, and the pot found by the badger are not actually in Thame Museum. However there are the remains of a Neolithic pot that you can find in the museum, along side a vast number of other items and interesting displays that will help you find out more about the town and its rich history. 

The River Thame

Did you know that the town of Thame takes its name from the river that it has grown up around – a river symbolised here in the base of this way marker. Find out more about this history here and get involved in protecting it’s future by connecting with The River Thame Conservation Trust or with Cuttlebrook Conservation Volunteers.

Finishing the story

The child you hear about in the story can be anyone – the child can be you! We hope you have enjoyed our story, now we pass it on to you.  What will you write into the story of Thame’s future? 

Challenge Questions: 

Listen to the story: 

  • Where is the pot now?

Look at the Way marker

  • What can YOU change?


This is the end of The Peculiar Pot trail, but if you want to find out more about Thame, we suggest you make time to visit Thame Museum to find out more about the pot that was actually found on Thame Meadows, along with other fascinating discoveries and artefacts from our Town’s heritage and history. In fact, why not see if you can find the remains of a broken Neolithic pot while you are there? There is one to discover, along with a wealth of other exciting things from Thame’s past. 

Make sure you check their opening times before you visit

Thame Museum, 79 High St, Thame OX9 3AE

Visit Thame Museum