Schedule of Meetings

The agendas for our meetings are published on the Wednesday before the meeting, on their respective committee page (links below). Agendas may be published on a different day if the meeting is not held on a Tuesday or there are bank holidays.

Schedule of Meetings 2024-2025

Commencing at 6.30pm or stated otherwise

Approved at Full Council, 30 April 2024.
Updated: 17 May 2024

May 2024

Tues 7            Planning & Environment**
Tues 14          Full Council (Annual Meeting)
Tues 28**      Planning
Tues 28          Environment & Assets  (cancelled)

June 2024

Tues 4            Community Services (cancelled)
Tues 11          Corporate Governance (cancelled)
Tues 18         Full Council (Annual Return)
Tues 25         Planning
Wed 26         Cuttle Brook Site Visit (4pm)

July 2024

Tues 2           Environment & Assets (new date)
Tues 16         Community Services (new date)
Mon 22         Personnel (3pm)
Tues 23         Planning
Tues 30         Corporate Governance (new date)

August 2024

Tues 13         Full Council
Tues 20        Planning

September  2024

Tues 3           Environment & Assets
Tues 10         Community Services
Tues 17          Planning
Tues 24         Corporate Governance

October  2024

Tues 1           Personnel (3pm)
Tues 8          BWG (initial discussions)
Tues 15         Planning

November  2024

Tues 5           BWG (first draft)
Tues 12         Planning
Tues 19         Full Council

December 2024

Tues 3           BWG (additional, if required)
Tues 10         Planning
Tues 17         Corporate Governance 

January 2025

Mon 13           Personnel (3pm)
Tues 14          Planning
Tues 21          Full Council (precept)
Tues 28          Environment & Assets

February 2025

Tues 4            Community Services
Tues 11          Planning

March 2025

Tues 4            Full Council
Tues 11          Planning
Tues 18          Annual Town Meeting (7pm) TBC
Tues 25          Corporate Governance

April 2025

Tues 1             Personnel (3pm)
Tues 8            Planning
Tues 29          Full Council (Mayor Designate)

May 2025

Tues 6            Planning**
Tues 13          Full Council (Annual Meeting)



* Where a meeting is scheduled on the same evening as the Planning Committee, an estimate of start time will be published on the agenda, and the meeting will not start before that time.

** Agenda to be published a day early due to a Bank Holiday falling within the 3-clear day legal period.

Additional meetings for the following will be held as required:

  • Full Council
  • Working groups and Sub-Committees.