TNP2 Consultation closes on 7 August…. but what next?!

You still have until 7 August to provide your feedback on the most recent Neighbourhood Plan, but what happens next?!
All of your comments will be recorded and we will take note of suggested corrections, additions and reasonable alternative ideas.  It will take a few weeks to review what has been said and amend the Plan accordingly.
In time there will be a referendum, but before we get to that there are another couple of stages to go through.
South Oxfordshire District Council will hold another public consultation on the final draft of the Plan that we prepare. All feedback from this consultation will be sent to an independent Examining Officer who will hold a public examination, review the Plan and check that it meets certain conditions.
The conditions include checking that the consultations have been carried out correctly and that the Plan has been prepared with consideration to national and local law, policy and guidance.
When finished, the examining officer will write a report that will recommend one of three things happens:

  1. That the Plan can go to straight to referendum
  2. That the Plan can go to referendum, on the basis of proposed changes
  3. That the Plan does not proceed as it fails to meet the necessary legal requirements.

Any modifications the Officer suggests will be subject to the approval of the Town and District Councils.
A referendum will take place, hopefully in early 2024!

As we have always said, this is your plan for the Thame you want to see. Please make sure you provide feedback and vote when the time comes.