Have your say on our 2021/22 budget

Thame Town Council has started work on setting its budget for 2021-22 and will be agreeing that budget at the Council meeting on 19 January 2021. The average household (i.e. Band D) currently contributes £3.04 per week (through the precept portion of Council Tax) towards the funding of all the projects, functions and services that Thame Town Council provides for the community. If anyone has any comments on whether £3.04 (or a different amount?) is a reasonable amount, or suggestions on where we should spend more, or less, or the same, we would be pleased to hear, to assist us in setting the right budget for the community of Thame. There will also be an opportunity for feedback on Tuesday 8 December 2020 for any resident of Thame to comment on the draft budget. There will be details to follow under separate cover.

Date posted: Thursday 15 October 2020