19 February 2019 – Minutes


Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning & Environment Committee held on 19 February 2019 at 6.30pm In the Upper Chamber, Thame Town Hall.

Present: Cllrs D Bretherton (Deputy Chairman), M Deacock, D Dodds, H Fickling (Chairman), C Jones, A Midwinter (Town Mayor), M Stiles and T Wyse
G Markland, Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Officer
A Oughton, Committee Services Officer


1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Austin (Personal) and Emery (Personal).
Cllr Cowell absent without apology.

2. Declarations of Interest and Dispensations

There were no declarations of interest.

3. Public Participation and Public Questions

Mr Collinge spoke as the agent for planning application P19/S0344/FUL. Back in November the Town Council fully supported a similar application on the same site. There were no technical objections and a good number of residents in the village supported the scheme. The application was subsequently withdrawn to address the comments raised. The application before the Committee this evening is similar to the previous application, however, the dwelling has been repositioned more centrally on the site and some of the design elements have been altered.

Mrs Gascoyne spoke as the applicant. The site had been gifted to her by her late father whose wish it was that she and her family would be able to return to Moreton to live. Both Mrs Gascoyne and her husband had strong family links to the village dating back several generations. An application on a site nearby, to build a bungalow for the applicant’s aging parents was supported by the Town Council and we would like our application to be treated with the same regard.

Dr Burch spoke for the application as a resident of Moreton with no vested interest in the application just that a sense of fairness should prevail. Both applicants grew up in the village and have family here. This application provides an opportunity for them to be able to return and live in the village. A couple of applications on sites near to this one have been granted permission and dwellings built. This plot of land is between two dwellings and has very little agricultural value.

After answering a number of questions, Mr Collinge, Mrs Gascoyne and Dr Burch returned to the public gallery. The Committee then discussed and agreed a recommendation on planning application P19/S0344/FUL.

4. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 29 January 2019 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Planning Applications

Change of use from unused agricultural land, to a place of business as an outdoor forest school (for a maximum of 10 children at any one time).
1. Highway Safety

Comment: The Committee did not object to the idea of the Forest School.

Alterations to car port to create an enclosed double garage.
Subject to the double garage being retained as such in perpetuity and not adapted for living purposes

Neighbourhood Plan Policies: ESDQ16, EDSQ20, ESDQ22, ESDQ26, ESDQ27, ESDQ28, ESDQ29
SODC Local Plan Policies: CON7, D1, D2, D4, T2
Core Strategy Policies: CSQ3

Replacement of external stable door.
Subject to no objections from the District Conservation Officer

Neighbourhood Plan Policies: ESDQ15, ESDQ16, ESDQ17, ESDQ19, ESDQ20
SODC Local Plan Policies: CON3, CON5, CON7, D1
Core Strategy Policies: CSQ3, CSEN3

Erection of a detached single storey dwelling with parking and amenity space.
Comment: The application is considered, in this case only appropriate infill. It is local land, owned by local people and has the support of the local community.

P19/S0365/HH – 11 BEECH ROAD
Two storey extension to side elevation (amendment to planning permission P18/S2174/HH).

Neighbourhood Plan Policies: ESDQ16, ESDQ19, ESDQ28, ESDQ29
SODC Local Plan Policies: D1, D2, D4, H13
Core Strategy Policies: CSQ3

6. P19/S0278/T28- Installation of 1x DSLAM Equipment Cabinet
R/O 1 Seven Acres, Queens Road, Thame

P19/S0279/T28 – Installation of 1 x DSLAM Equipment Cabinet
S/O 50 North Street, Wellington Street, Thame

P19/S0282/T28 – Installation of 1x DSLAM Equipment Cabinet
OPP 78 High Street, Thame

Intention to install 1x DSLAM Huawei 96 (small) equipment cabinet olive green, the dimensions of which are: Height 1300mm x Width 450mm x Depth 600mm.

Members noted the three applications. There were no comments.

7. P18/S3143/O – DAF Trucks Ltd, Eastern Bypass
Hybrid planning application with:

Outline planning permission (all matters reserved except for access) sought for demolition of existing buildings and development of 1511 sqm (gross) of offices within Class B1 and up to 129 dwellings within Class C3 and associated works.

Full planning permission sought for erection of a 68 bed care home within Class C2 and associated access, vehicular parking, landscaping, ancillary infrastructure and other works.

Members noted the District Planning Committee will consider this application on 20 February 2019. The District Planning Officer’s recommendation to Committee is to grant permission. As agreed at the Full Council meeting held on 16 October 2018 the Town Council Objects to the planning application and will make representations against the application at the District Planning Committee.

The Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Officer reported that he and Cllr Dyer had registered to speak on behalf of the Town Council at the District Planning Committee. He had met with Cllr Dyer and District Councillor Matelot to formulate a plan to optimise the time allowed to speak at the District Planning Committee to be able to reinforce the reasons the Town Council objects to the application.

8. Reports from Town Council Representatives

a) Transport Representative – Cllr Stiles reported a Parish Transport Representatives meeting was scheduled to take place tomorrow. Cllr Stiles will attend the surgery with County Officers before the meeting to try and push for a date to meet to discuss the possibility of a hopper bus.

9. For Information

The items for information were noted.

With regard to item 9b) The applications for change of use from offices to residential at Goodsons Industrial Mews. Members expressed huge disappointment at the submission of these applications and, if granted, the loss of employment land on this site.

With regard to item 9d) P18/S3596/FUL – Land at The Elms – Amendment No. 1. Members raised concern at the inaccuracies in the correspondence to the District Planning Officer from Rectory Homes. The Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Officer confirmed he would be writing to the District Planning Officer.

The meeting concluded at 7.19pm

Signed ……………………..
Chairman, 12 March 2019