08 August 2017 – Minutes


Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning & Environment Committee held on 8 August 2017 at 6.30pm In the Upper Chamber, Thame Town Hall.

Present: Cllrs B Austin, D Bretherton (Deputy Chairman), D Dodds, L Emery (Deputy Mayor), H Fickling (Chairman), C Jones, A Midwinter, M Stiles and T Wyse (Town Mayor)
Non Voting:
Cllr Dyer
G Markland, Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Officer
A Oughton, Committee Services Officer


1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Deacock (Holiday). Cllr Cowell absent without apology.

2. Declarations of Interest and Dispensations

Cllr Midwinter declared an interest in item 9i. 26 Ludsden Grove as a neighbour. Cllr Austin declared an interest in 20 Fanshawe Road as a resident. Cllr Fickling declared an interest in 74 High Street as set out in the Register of Members Interests. All three Councillors took part in discussion and voted on the items identified.

3. Public Participation and Public Questions

Mr Collinge (agent) and Mr Parmar (applicant) spoke for planning application P17/S2445/FUL. Mr Collinge stated that the Sports Facility Strategy had identified a need for an additional cricket pitch and Local Plan policy allowed for additional formal recreation facilities in or on the edge of the town. The proposal provided a sports facility as near the edge of the town as was possible taking into account land directly on the edge of the town is subject to land Options.

Discussion had taken place with the Highways Authority who preferred access to the site from the Towersey Road, this would be the only means of access. The proposed pavilion would be single storey and timber clad and its location related well to the neighbouring farm buildings.

Mr Parmar stated that he had been a first class cricketer in India and an ECB Level 3 coach for over 33 years, coaching children of all ages. He taught cricket in the local primary schools passing on his skills and passion for the game. The Cricket Academy had over 400 children from Thame and the surrounding villages and entertained international touring sides which in turn help support the local economy using local hotels and bed & breakfast establishments as well as the shops. This new facility will allow children to play cricket at the weekend and take part in all day cricket matches, an opportunity which is not currently available.

4. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 18 July 2017 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

5. 9859 – P17/S2624/PDO – Building 1 (DAF Trucks), Kingsmead Business Park, Howland Road

Members noted the Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Officer’s (NPCO) response to the District Planning Officer sent on 31 July 2017 raising concerns regarding the long established use of the building, the red line area shown on the application and the marketing of the remaining industrial area with regard to parking provision.

The NPCO stated that since writing the response the District Planning Officer had replied to confirm that satisfactory reports had been received stating the contamination risk remained low and that noise impact was expected to be adequate. The NPCO was optimistic that the permitted development application would be refused as the current office use was not B1a (office) and the red line car park area identified in the application was being used under a number of different class uses.

The NPCO asked Councillors to advise him if they had any further information on contamination, noise and transport & highways issues so further comment could be made, in addition to the report as provided.

6. Planning Applications

Removal of rear conservatory and construction of front and rear single storey extensions.
1. Scale of front extension
2. Poor design of front extension
3. Front extension not in keeping with the area

Use of land for sport and recreational purposes (cricket) with provision of formal pitches and informal training areas, pavilion, nets, car parking and access track off Towersey Road.
Comment: Recognising the uses permissible under Class D2, Members were concerned that activities should be restricted to sporting or community use.

Neighbourhood Plan Policies: GA1, GA6, ESDQ1, ESDQ10, ESDQ11, ESDQ12, ESDQ16, ESDQ18, ESDQ19, ESDQ21, ESDQ22, ESDQ26, ESDQ27, ESDQ29
SODC Local Plan Policies: EP2, D1, D2, D4, D11, R2, E2, T1, T2, AD1
Core Strategy Policies: CSQ2, CSQ3, CSI1

Proposed minor amendments to garage conversion and change of use as approved on P15/S1065/FUL.
1. Overdevelopment
2. Overlooking
3. Not in keeping with the character of the area

Replacement of two dormer windows.
1. UPVC windows not in keeping with the Conservation Area

7. The Black Horse, 11 Cornmarket – New Premises Licence

After discussion Members agreed not to comment at this stage to allow time to gather information on the current licencing hours of similar establishments in the Town. Dependent on the results of the research representation may be made to the Licencing Committee when the New Premises Licence application is considered.

8. Reports from Town Council Representatives

a) Transport Representative – Cllr Stiles stated there was nothing further to report.

9. For Information

The items for information were noted.

a) P17/S1463/HH – 21 Queens Road – it was noted that since the publication of the agenda the Decision Notice had been received from the District Council granting permission for the application. This is considered a Contrary Decision as the response by the Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Officer to the District Planning Officer stated that although the amendments to the ground and upper floor extensions were considered acceptable, it was anticipated that Members would continue to find the proposals for the Dormer unacceptable.

i) P17/S2653/PDH – 26 Ludsden Grove – Cllr Midwinter spoke on behalf of nearby residents who were concerned about the size of the proposed development and its effect on neighbouring amenity, the retaining wall, car parking and the poor state of the pavement, some of which had been removed. It was agreed that the comments would be passed onto the District Planning Officer.

The meeting concluded at 7.20pm


Signed ……………………..
Chairman, 5 September 2017


Post meeting item:

The Chairman called for volunteers to attend the District Planning Committee on Wednesday 16 August 2017 to speak against planning application P16/S3057/FUL – Timberlake Motors C5 Station Yard which had been recommended for approval by the District Planning Officer. Cllr Midwinter provisionally agreed to attend the District Planning Committee. It was also suggested that District Councillor Matelot be advised of the Town Council’s intentions and asked to speak against the application.