21 May 2019 – Agenda


TO: All Members of the Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Committee

Cllrs B Austin, D Bretherton, M Deacock, M Dyer (Deputy Chairman), L Emery,
H Fickling, S Francis, C Jones (Chairman) and J Tipping

Ex Officio (Voting) Members – A Midwinter (Town Mayor) and P Cowell (Deputy Mayor)

To:           All other Members for information

VENUE: Upper Chamber, Thame Town Hall

DATE:    Tuesday 21 May 2019

TIME:     On the rising of the Planning & Environment Committee and not before 7pm


Graham Hunt
Clerk of the Council

Date: 15 May 2019



1. Apologies for Absence

2.Declarations of Interest and Dispensations

To notify of any items that appear in the agenda in which there may be an interest that has not been recorded in the Member’s Register of Interest; and confirmation of any relevant dispensations.

3. Public Participation and Public Questions

To consider applications from members of the public to address the Committee (5 minutes maximum), in respect of any item of business included in the agenda. Applications to speak must have been received by the Town Clerk no later than 5pm on the last working day preceding the meeting.

To consider questions from members of the public (who live, work or run a business in the Parish). Written questions must have been received by the Town Clerk no later than 4pm on the last working day preceding the meeting.

4. Minutes

To approve the Minutes of the Committee Meetings held on 12 March 2019 and 14 May 2019.



5. Working Groups

To receive a report / update from the chairmen of:
a) The NPCC Co-Ordination Working Group
b) The Infrastructure Delivery Plan Working Group
c) The Green Living Plan Working Group
d) The Town Centre Working Group
e) Transport Plan Working Group
f) The Community Facilities Working Group
g) The Burial Space Working Group

5d. Market Town Co-Ordinator Update

6. South Oxfordshire District Local Plan

To note that SODC submitted their Plan for examination on 29 March 2019. Two Inspectors have been assigned by the Planning Inspectorate and a Programme Officer for the Examination appointed. An Examination webpage has been set up, with links to the library of documents that will be referred to during the examination. As a consultee the Town Council should be informed of details regarding the Examination and of any significant items of correspondence between the Inspectors and the District Council.

7. Thame Neighbourhood Plan Revision

To note that the Neighbourhood Plan Continuity Officer (NPCO) sent reminders on 5 April 2019 to neighbouring parishes who had yet to respond to the invitation to share their concerns with Thame about land use planning matters. No other responses have been received. While Thame will naturally continue to be open to any future cross-border issues raised our ability to respond positively may be restricted by how far the review of the Neighbourhood Plan has progressed.

* Great Haseley Parish Council (GHPC) discussed the principle of supporting an extension of Thame’s Neighbourhood Plan boundary to enclose the Former Brickworks and Cattle Market site on Rycote Lane in Great Haseley on 11 March 2019. It was recognised this could not absolutely prevent speculative development elsewhere in Great Haseley and their Parish Council Members therefore believed the arrangement to be of a greater benefit to Thame. GHPC have accepted the principal, subject to confirmation of the area to be covered, a legal agreement to share any future financial benefit that may accrue (this refers to Business Rate retention) and that this could be arranged on a no-cost basis for Great Haseley.

* The NPCO will draft a Memorandum of Understanding to be mutually agreed between Sydenham and Thame Town Councils.

To note the response to the Call for Sites exercise. A very brief summary of what has been submitted is attached. The submissions have been acknowledged but it should be noted that they have yet to be subject to any assessment process.

To note a timetable of meetings for the NPCC Co-Ordination Working Group (and relevant Local Plan Consultation Team Members) to progress the Thame Neighbourhood Plan review (attached). This will include confirming the area of the TNP, including any extension; establishing principles of further community involvement and agreeing the various information / research required as further input.

7a. Call for Sites Submitted 23_04_2019

7b. TNP 2020 Project brief

8. Oxfordshire Growth Board / Oxfordshire Plan 2050

To note that a response to the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 was made by the NPCO, under delegated authority. A copy of the response is attached. Members may wish to be aware of the topic papers that accompanied this vision and objectives consultation document. These cover matters such as the spatial strategy, and heritage. Their publication represents best practice and it is to be hoped this level of transparency will be maintained throughout the process.

To note that the Oxfordshire Plan Call for Ideas consultation was looking for broad locations for growth. The NPCO had been delegated to respond to this consultation on behalf of the NPCC but found this a call for strategic-level sites, and so did not respond, with the agreement of the Local Plan Consultation Team.

8. TTC Consultation Response Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 23_04_2019

9. Affordable Housing / Community Land Trust (CLT)

To receive an update on progress of the Thame Community Land Trust.

9. Report – Thame CLT 21st May 2019

10. Other Items to Note

a) To note an internal meeting with Bloor Homes was held on 13 March 2019. Matters covered included the remaining site, the TNP reserve sites, archaeology, footpaths.

b) To note that a meeting with Curtin & Co / Commercial Estates Group / Taylor Wimpey was held on 5 April 2019 discuss potential future site allocations. Much of what was discussed as possible has been put forward as part of the Call for Sites exercise. The opportunity was also taken to progress resolution of various site management issues.

c) To note that following the public exhibition on the proposed Health Campus on 6 March 2019, initial feedback has been received, which will be used by the Town Council as further input to the revised Neighbourhood Plan.

d) To note that the NPCO attended a joint meeting on Saturday 11 May 2019 with representatives of other Oxfordshire based adopted Neighbourhood Planning groups, with the aim of ensuring relevant input from the local level into Oxfordshire-wide strategic planning.

e) To note that the NPCO and the Town Clerk (along with various Town Clerks from across the country) attended a meeting on Friday 17 May 2019 with John Howell MP, in his capacity as the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Champion. The meeting was organised by the Society of Local Council Clerks and hosted by Henley Town Council.