25 April 2006 – Agenda


TO: All Electors in the Parish of Thame 
VENUE: Upper Chamber, Thame Town Hall

DATE: Tuesday 25 April 2006

TIME: 7.30 pm

Cllr David A Laver
Town Mayor 

Apologies for Absence

Minutes of the Town Meeting held on Tuesday 26 April 2005

Town Mayor’s Report for 2005-06

District Councillors’ Annual Report 

County Councillor’s Annual Report

6 Neighbourhood Policing
Inspector Stewart Dunbar, Thames Valley Police

It’s All Here Now

Morag Robinson, Manager, One Stop Shop

Citizens Advice – there when you need it?

Peter Todd, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Citizens Advice Bureau

Use It or Lose It
Bob Davies, Chairman, Thame Festival Committee

10 How can we put the community back into Thame?

Keith Slater, Chairman, 21st Century Thame Partnership

11 To consider resolutions of which written notice has been given

12 Open Forum – Questions from Electors