17 April 2024 – Agenda


TO: All Electors in the Parish of Thame

VENUE: Thame Barns Centre, Thame

DATE: Wednesday 17 April 2024

TIME: 7pm


Cllr Adrian Dite

Town Mayor

Date: Thursday 4 April 2024





1 Welcome (7pm)

To receive a welcome from the Mayor of Thame.


2 Minutes (7:05pm*)

To confirm and sign the minutes of the Annual Town Meeting held on Tuesday 14 March 2023 as a correct record.

Minutes – 14 March 2023


3 Town Mayor’s Report (7:10pm*)

To receive a report from the Town Mayor for 2023-24.


4 All About Thame Town Council (7:20pm*)

To receive a presentation from the Town Clerk on projects the Town Council is working on and how it delivers its services and functions for the Parish of Thame.


5 Open Forum – Questions from Electors (7:30pm*)

Electors in the Parish of Thame can ask questions to local council representatives and express views on matters relating to Thame.

There will be representatives from Thame Town Council, South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council.


* Timings are approximate.