Active travel needs in Thame

Thame Town Council is currently trying to map any issues in Thame that prevents people from engaging in active travel. 

By active travel, we are looking at any way of travelling that is not by private car, such as public transport, cycling and walking. 

If you are aware of an issue please

  1. Explore the map below to make sure that it has not already been identified. If it has you can send additional comments to us by emailing
  2. If it has not been identified then please use the form below to submit as many details as you can about the issue for inclusion. PLEASE NOTE: if you have identified something that is broken or in a state of poor repair, (e.g. potholes, regular dog fouling or broken street lights) this should not be submitted through this form. Rather it needs to be submitted through the official problem reporting channels using this link:
  3. Once submitted, the information will be added to the map as soon as possible, it will not appear straight away. 

Active Travel needs in Thame