Communication at Thame Town Council 

Thame Town Council are always looking for ways to share news and engage with our residents! We want to make an impact in Thame and also keep everyone in the same loop. “But how do you do that?” I hear you ask! Well it’s a big job for the team but we are ready to take it on! We will be having a large strategy meeting in November for council staff and councillors, and it would be great to bring some of your feedback to the table. 
Do you like this newsletter, or do you feel it needs to be more like the Thame Gazette?
Do you think the content is fair and balances topics you love, such as sport, the arts and local policies? 
You may hear Clare (our communications and events officer) on Red Kite Radio, do you like the info she is passing on or would you prefer to hear segments of dedicated topics? 

Any feedback is great and helps us to make the ever growing community of Thame a place for all.

Please send any feedback to