Town Council Annual Meeting: welcoming our new Council and Mayor for 2023

On Tuesday 16 May, Thame Town Council met for their Annual Meeting in which the Council elected Cllr Adrian Dite as Town Mayor and Cllr Andy Gilbert as Deputy Mayor. 
Mayor Cllr Adrian Dite has chosen to support The Red Kite Family Centre and Thame Shed during his Mayoral year.

The council also thanked Cllr Paul Cowell for his fundraising efforts during his year as Mayor for Thame Youth Projects and The Senior Friendship Centre. £4,308 was raised for the Senior Friendship Centre, with one of the big fundraisers contributing to this being the film showing by Thame Cinema 4 All, and £2,808 was raised for Thame Youth Projects.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to this amount!