Town & District Council Election Results 2023

On Thursday 4 May 2023, residents across South Oxfordshire voted to elect their Town and District Councillors.

The results have been announced and are listed below:

Thame Town Council – Election of Parish Councillors (North & South Wards – sorted by surname alphabetically)

Elected Party Votes %
Martin BAINES (North Ward) Liberal Democrats Uncontested n/a
David BRETHERTON (South Ward) Liberal Democrats 1167 16.68
Nigel CHAMPKEN-WOODS (North Ward)
Independent Uncontested n/a
Paul COWELL (North Ward)
Independent Uncontested n/a
David DAWSON (South Ward) Green Party
Adrian DITE (North Ward)
Independent Uncontested n/a
David DODDS (South Ward)  
Hilary DOLLMAN (South Ward)
Liberal Democrats 979 14
Mike DYER (North Ward) Independent Uncontested n/a
Linda EMERY (South Ward)   734 10.49
Andy GILBERT (South Ward) Independent mind – business head – community heart 717
Helena FICKLING (South Ward) Independent 634 9.06
Catherine JONES (South Ward)
Independent 572 5.18
Helena RICHARDS (North Ward) Green Party Uncontested n/a
Thomas WYSE (North Ward) Independent Uncontested n/a

Vacancy (North Ward)

n/a n/a n/a
Not Elected Party Votes %
Paul Swan (South Ward) Labour Party 545 7.79
South Ward
Vacant Seats: 8
Electorate: 5178
Ballot papers issued: 1870
Turnout: 36.11%
North Ward
Please bear with us as we make arrangements for filling the vacancy in North Ward, and update our website following the election results.

South Oxfordshire District Council – Election of District Councillors (Thame Ward)

Elected Party Votes %
Liberal Democrats
1943 21.3
David BRETHERTON Liberal Democrats 1939 21.25
Pieter-Paul BARKER Liberal Democrats 1862 20.41
Not Elected Party Votes %
David DODDS Conservative Party Candidate 1093 11.98
William HALL Conservative Party Candidate 793 8.69
Dylan THOMAS Conservative Party Candidate 765 8.39
Steven HARTRIDGE Labour Party 728 7.98

For more information about the election results across South Oxfordshire, please go to

Date posted: Friday 5 May 2023