Bledlow Ridge household recycling centre – Important information for Oxfordshire residents

The following is summary of important information provided by Buckinghamshire Council.

Bledlow Ridge Household Recycling Centre reopens on Monday 16th January. It is a Buckinghamshire Council run facility, but historically around a third of users came from Oxfordshire. 

The most significant change for Oxfordshire residents, for example those living in the Thame and Chinnor areas, is that they must pay to visit the site:

Access fee for Oxfordshire users
There is a change to how the site runs for residents in Oxfordshire and it is important any visitors coming from Oxfordshire know what to expect before they visit. We have introduced an access & acceptance fee for all visitors from outside of Buckinghamshire. The Council has no legal obligation to allow visitors from outside of Buckinghamshire to use the site. However, the Council recognises that for some Oxfordshire residents Bledlow Ridge HRC is a convenient site to use. We do not wish to stop visitors from Oxfordshire visiting, but we do need to ensure these visits don’t come at a cost for Buckinghamshire taxpayers. As such, we have introduced an access levy based on the cost of managing and disposing of the waste brought to site. Details can be found here, charges start from £22 and increase based on vehicle size and type of waste brought.

Proof of address
All visitors will be asked for proof of address at the entrance. If the visitor cannot show proof of a Buckinghamshire address then they will be advised of the access and acceptance levy. The visitor can then chose whether to pay the fee or leave the site and visit an alternative site.

Traffic Management
There will be some temporary traffic management in place when the site opens. This is to ensure that other road users can pass the site without being blocked by queues outside the site. We will temporarily ban right turns into the public site entrance, this means that any users approaching from the South will need to follow a diversion. All public users must enter the site from the north.
This is a temporary measure and will be removed if traffic outside the site is not causing problems.
More details on the temporary traffic management can be found on the ONE Network live map. The order is in place for three weeks from the 16th, but may be removed earlier if it is not needed.