Notice of Casual Vacancy – Thame North

Public notice is hereby given that due to the resignation of: 

James Tipping 

A vacancy exists in the office of Town Councillor for:

Thame Town Council (North Ward) 

 The vacancy will be filled by election if, within fourteen working days (excluding weekends) of the date of this notice, any ten local government electors for the said parish/town submit a written request to the Returning Officer, South Oxfordshire District Council, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, Abingdon, OX14 4SB.  

If no such request is made the vacancy will be filled by Co-option by the Thame Town Council. 

Date of notice: 4 March 2022

Notice of Casual Vacancy [PDF]

Please note, if an election is not requested, then the vacancy will be filled through the co-option process. This means the Town Council will invite people to apply to be a Councillor and the decision will be made by the current Town Councillors at a public meeting of the Town Council.

Please also note that the Town Council will be holding a local election in May 2023, and an additional election before then will come at an additional cost to local taxpayers.

Date posted: Friday 4 March 2022
Updated: Wednesday 9 March 2022