Thame Town Music Festival cancelled

Following the announcement of the delay to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions last night from the Prime Minister it is with great disappointment that we have had to cancel the Thame Town Music Festival for 2021.
Festival Director, Johnnie Littler said:
“We have held our nerve until the last possible minute hoping to be able to deliver a great party of live music and celebration for everyone. Unfortunately, the delay to lifting of lockdown restrictions means that, now, we have had to cancel the festival again. It’s such a shame as a great many people have worked so hard to create the perfect day. The level of anticipation has been huge but we know that keeping everyone safe takes priority.
Several people have asked if we could simply delay it by a few weeks. Unfortunately, this is not possible, given availability of stages, production teams, major artists and, not least, our own team. Many of these have to be booked a year or more in advance. I am, however, pleased to announce that we will bounce back again and the next Festival will be on Saturday 9 July 2022.
The good news is that the Glenn Miller Orchestra concert in St Mary’s Church will take place as a stand-alone event on 17 September. Huge thanks to all those who have worked so hard to try and make the 2021 event happen.” 
If you have bought tickets via then refunds are obtainable via their website. If you have bought physical tickets you need to email and provide:
  • Ticket numbers
  • Price paid per ticket
  • Bank account name, sort code and account number

Following the announcement of the cancellation, the TTMF Team have had several people offering donations to help ensure that TTMF2022 happens, which has been very helpful as TTMF have used up all the reserves built up from 2017-19.  A funding page has been created to allow people to donate if they wish to.

Date posted: Thursday 17 June 2021