Be part of Thame’s ‘Window Wanderland’!

Thame Primary Schools are calling all residents and businesses to take part in this fabulous event from 18 – 24 December. Participants are asked to transform the windows of their flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, campervan, shop – or their front garden, into an illuminated art trail – transforming Thame’s streets into a magical outdoor gallery for all to enjoy – brightening people’s evenings in the run up to Christmas.

Window Wanderlands are taking place all over the country. They started with set designer, Lucy Reeves Khan in 2015, inspired by her vivid imagination, her deep-seated community spirit and her personal experiences of isolation due to years of chronic illness. Lucy imagined her local streets alive with other people viewing dramatic, beautiful or just silly scenes in the windows around her neighbourhood. She wondered if, in the dark of winter, these displays would cheer up others too. She put on her first festival in her own community. It was a huge success. Other areas wanted to join in, and the rest, as they say, is history…

Thame Primary schools – supported by Thame Town Council and Lucy Electric (a business based in Thame) – are delighted to be bringing this fantastic event to Thame. It is an exciting initiative to get people out to see the diverse creativity within the town and get us all in the Christmas Spirit in what has been a challenging year. 

Fancy taking part?

Taking part as a Windowmaker is FREE and everyone’s welcome. Your display could be as simple as a candle, book or fairy-lights in a window. Or you could go all out and stage a performance in your front room!  Anything goes… as long as it’s family friendly! Why not talk to your neighbours (from a distance of course) and see if you can get your whole street involved!

Find out more and register your location as one of the ‘stops’ on this trail.

Fundraising for Schools

This event is being run as a fundraiser to support the 3 local primary schools in Thame in lieu of this years Annual Fireworks event. All support will be very gratefully received and split equally between the three schools.  If you would like to support them you can donate today:

Donate to Thame Primary Schools

Campaign code: WW20

  • To donate £1, text WW20 to 70201
  • To donate £3, text WW20 to 70331
  • To donate £5, text WW20 to 70970
  • To donate £10, text WW20 to 70191

* Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme, operating as DONATE, a charity registered in England and Wales (1149800) and Scotland (SC045106). In addition to any text donation, you will incur your standard network message charge (based on your service provider rates). For Terms & Conditions, see Easy Donate.

Date posted: Friday 13 November 2020