Access to Thame Cricket Ground

Thame Town Cricket Club is located on land leased from the Town Council next to St Mary’s Church in Thame in a conservation area. It comprises of the cricket ground, clubhouse, service yard, nets and car park.

Thame Town Cricket Club is enclosed by a fence along the Aylesbury Road, St Mary’s Church burial ground wall, fences/hedges at the top and bottom of the ground and surrounding the car park.

The Cricket ground, clubhouse, nets and car park are for use by Cricket Club members, authorised clubs, associations and guests only. Allocated spaces in the car park are licensed to the Barns Centre for their clients to use.

The only public access to the ground is via two kissing gates which are located:

  1. By the Waitrose roundabout
  2. In front of the Church, in the middle of the burial ground wall

The only public usage of the ground is the footpath which runs around the playing area of the ground between the two kissing gates.

Following several recent and continued incidents by various groups and individuals who have been littering, drinking under age, taking drugs, dealing drugs, urinating on the ground damaging property, playing loud music, shouting and swearing late at night, the Club has consulted with the police and the Town Council and has put in place the following rules with immediate effect:

  1. Alcohol may only be consumed on the ground if:
    1. it is purchased from the clubhouse bar under the clubs licensed agreement; and
    2. it is consumed within the area licensed to the club;
  1. After 9:30pm loitering will not be allowed anywhere on the ground or in the car park
  2. The car park between the clubhouse and the Barns Centre is private and is solely for the use of cricket club members, authorised clubs, associations and guests. There are allocated car park spaces which are marked and licensed to the Barns Centre (18 spaces) and church (2 spaces)
  3. The car park will be locked overnight with authorised access only
  4. CCTV with a direct link to the police will be in operation

Thame Town Cricket Club and Thame Town Council reserve the right to take legal action against anyone found trespassing or not adhering to the rules set out herein.

Date posted: Thursday 27 August 2020