Antisocial Behaviour in Thame

The Town Council is concerned at fairly widespread reports of increased antisocial behaviour in Thame.  It is sometimes difficult to separate perception from reality but there have certainly been some incidents that the Town Council is aware of.  We do not want to raise undue concern.  The police have asked us to encourage public reporting of all such incidents.  We encourage anyone who witnesses antisocial behaviour, or its aftermath, to report it to the police.  If it is underway, then it is an emergency and you should dial 999.  That gives the best chance of the perpetrators being apprehended.  If it is after the event then it is also critical to report, so that the true picture can be established by the police, and they can allocate available resources accordingly.  After the event, you should use the police non-emergency system – 101 or on-line at  Thank you for your support in tackling this problem, which will help reduce both the reality and the perception, and make us all feel a little safer.