Affordable Homes via Shared Ownership – Register Now!

Over the next few years in Thame, 78 homes will become available under a shared ownership scheme. This number represents 10% of the total of homes to be built within the scope of the current Thame Neighbourhood Plan.


Unlike social rented housing, which has 20% of its number reserved for qualifying applicants with a close connection to Thame, shared ownership housing does not. Thame Town Council has taken the view that it should publicise the progressive availability of shared ownership houses and encourage Thame residents to apply for them as and when they become available. Shared ownership is not suitable for everybody but it can provide the first step on the housing ladder.


Applicants can start by buying from 25% to 75% of the value of a property by using a mortgage.  The remainder is paid for by a low cost rent which is charged by a Housing Association. By a process called ‘stair casing’ residents can, in the future, buy further shares of the property until they own it all. To start the purchase, you will need to pay relatively modest fees and a deposit, typically set at 5% of the share you are buying. There are certain qualifications required that applicants have to meet but these are now quite generous. For example, applicants can now be considered who have a household income up to £80,000 per annum.


To start the process, to fully understand it and to ensure a head start, it is important to register your interest early so that when a suitable property is available you are not delayed by form filling – it is already done!  Registration can be done online on the South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) website by clicking here or by telephone on 01235 422422.  It is SODC’s responsibility to approve applicants for this scheme but thereafter, the administration is carried by an agent (Help to Buy South) and the Housing Association that administers the property.


Thame Town Council have been sent the links to the affordable housing available on Oxford Road, Thame (see below).  Click on the links to download and view information about the shared ownership properties available.

Flats – click here 

Houses – click here


Thame Town Council will be encouraging registration by interested Thame residents via:


  1. Print and electronic media including the Thame Town Council weekly newsletter.
  2. Posters at multiple sites giving contact details and registration information.
  3. A workshop style event in the Town Hall for Thame residents. This event will include exhibitors such as  SODC, Housing Associations, Financial advisors, mortgage providers and solicitors. Target date- spring 2017. Unfortunately due to other pressing matters this has been postponed and the new target date is Autumn/Winter 2017.


Thame Town Council will also be campaigning for local qualification on a percentage of shared ownership properties.