Waste & Recycling

Report a Missed Bin

If your bin is the only one in the street not to have been collected, you may want to report a missed bin collection. You can report a missed collection by 5pm on the day after your collection day directly by calling Biffa on 03000 610 610 or report a missed bin online. Please only contact them if you put your rubbish out before 7am on your collection day and it hasn’t been emptied by 6pm.

If your bin is one of many in your street not be collected, it may be that the crew have had to return to the depot and will come back later in the day. If your bin still has not been collected by 6pm, please report a missed bin collection. 

What can I recycle?

This following information should give you a handy guide to what you can leave in your recycling bin. If you are still unsure whether the waste team will collect a material or not, please contact Biffa on 03000 610 610. Free recycling information wheels are available from libraries and Thame Information Centre.

Got extra recycling?

Any recycling waste that cannot fit in your recycling bin/bag can be put in a clear recycling sack (available from Thame Information Centre) or cardboard box next to your recycling bin on your collection day. As long as the recycling can be seen (i.e. not placed in a coloured bag), it will be collected on along with the rest of your recycling.

All Paper & Cardboard including:

  • books – only if not suitable for taking to a charity shop
  • catalogues
  • phone directories (including the Yellow Pages)
  • cereal boxes
  • corrugated cardboard
  • envelopes (including envelopes with windows)
  • greeting cards
  • junk mail  
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • shredded paper (loose)
  • tissue boxes
  • toilet roll tubes
  • writing paper

Plastics bags, pots and bottles including:

  • plastic or carrier bags (except black bags)
  • detergent bottles
  • drinks bottles (and tops)
  • food and drink cartons (like soup or juice cartons)
  • food trays
  • ice cream tubs
  • margarine tubs
  • plastic milk cartons and bottles
  • shampoo bottles
  • yoghurt pots


  • aerosols
  • clean foil
  • food tins
  • steel and aluminium food and drink cans (please wash and squash them first)
  • metal lids (bottle and jar lids)

Small Electrical Items (Grey Bin Week)

  • toasters
  • irons
  • hairdryers
  • telephones
  • power tools
  • radios
  • toys


  • Mixed glass bottles and jars


  • Household batteries.  (Pop them in a clear plastic bag  on top of your green recycling bin.


  • Worn out clothes
  • Bed sheets
  • Duvet covers 
  • Curtains

Garden Waste Collection

South Oxfordshire District Council provide a garden waste service for items such as grass cuttings, leaves, branches, weeds and hedge clippings. This is a fortnightly collection from a wheeled bin. Garden waste is collected on the same day as your recycling.

A 240 litre garden waste wheeled bin costs £40.50 per year. The best way to order your bin is online from the SODC Garden Waste Team. Alternatively, you can order a garden waste collection over the telephone on 01749 341247.

Click here to order

Bulky Waste Collection

If you have bulky furniture or appliances that you no longer want, South Oxfordshire District Council will collect them from you and dispose of them for a small charge.

Examples of what SODC will collect:

  • furniture (such as sofas, chairs and tables)
  • televisions
  • washing machines
  • mattresses
  • fridge and freezers (cleaned and emptied)

The minimum charge is £40 for up to 3 items and £8 for each additional item. There is a maximum of six items per collection day: if you have more than six, you’ll need to book another collection day. Please note that a bed and mattress counts as 2 items and a three piece suite (consisting of 1 settee and 2 chairs) counts as 3 items.

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Assisted Collection

If you have difficulties putting out your rubbish and recycling for collection due to a disability, illness or infirmity, and there is no one else to put it out, South Oxfordshire District Council may be able to provide an assisted collection.

Please contact SODC on 01235 422406 to arrange for a council officer to visit you and carry out an assessment.