Thame Green Living – Open Forum

Thame Green Living - Open Forum

Date and time: 10/07/2019, 7:00 pm
Location: Thame Town Hall

The RSA Thame Group / Thame Green Living will hold its next Open Forum at the Thame Town Hall Upper Chamber on the evening of Wednesday 10 July at 7pm.  This is a vital next step in the development of Thame’s Green Living Plan and your chance to make a direct contribution to the town’s future well-being.
The evening is devoted to two key environmental topics from the Green Living Plan.  The first is Clean Air; how much do we really understand and value this and what causes the pollution that makes us ill and adds to greenhouse gases?  Second is Clean Energy; how can we reduce the use of polluting fossil fuels in and from our streets and buildings by making greater use of renewable energy?
Even agreeing these objectives leaves a range of options as to how they might be achieved. Some of these involve tough choices, which is why your views are needed. The group would like to know how far and how fast you believe we need to act locally, and in Thame showing the way forward.
After a short introduction from the RSA Thame Group and any overarching questions, workshops will follow looking at a series of charts where everyone will have the chance to register their view.  All views and discussion will be welcome. The group would also like to know where you feel you need more information.

Please email Anne Fisher ( if you intend to come, have a burning question or would like to help out on the evening.
Please also visit the website and join in the conversation by becoming a member of the Facebook group (
The group look forward to seeing you for a vital discussion!

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