Jazz in Thame – John Donegan Sextet

Jazz in Thame - John Donegan Sextet

Date and time: 24/11/2022, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: The Spread Eagle Hotel

Tickets £17 each from http://www.jazzinthame.co.uk/
Celebrated Irish pianist John Donegan spent many years based in the exceptionally musical city of Bristol, where he was a much respected performer and composer on the circuit, before his other career in banking took him overseas. He’s now very much back in England from where he travels to perform in his native Ireland and the rest of Europe and he’s creating fantastic music still as a pianist and as a composer with several acclaimed recordings to his name. His latest offering – A Kite for Kate – is dedicated to his daughter and brings together five (plus John equals six) musicians from his career in the jazz world over the last 30 years. This very fine CD contains fabulous swing tunes, bebop, a waltz and some Latin pieces all of which he’ll be playing for us at this very special concert. The line-up for the concert will be: John Donegan (piano), Steve Fishwick (trumpet/flugel), Alex Hitchcock (tenor sax), Jamie O’Donnel (alto sax), Paul Jefferies (bass) and Matt Fisher (drums).

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