AUDITIONS for “Tom Jones” by Henry Fielding

AUDITIONS for "Tom Jones" by Henry Fielding

Date and time: 01/03/2023, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: The Players Theatre

Monday, 27th February and Wednesday, 1st March at 7:30pm at The Players Theatre

Tom Jones from the novel/s by Henry Fielding & adapted by Joan Macalpine – Directed by Colin Lee

The classic play Tom Jones is rich, ripe and rowdy. Tom, Squire Allworthy’s adopted son, falls victim to the charms of one rustic wench after another until, at last, the Squire grows tired of the trouble he causes and sends him off to cause it elsewhere. Then Tom becomes entangled with three women at once: Jenny Waters, a lady of warm heart and generous virtue; Mrs Fitzpatrick, a society lady seeking diversion from her oafish husband, and Sophia Western, whom Tom truly loves.

This is a fun, bawdy romp with many characters larger than life.


There are fifteen cast members; eight men and seven women.

There are possibilities for some double parts and/or extras. e.g., The Doctor in Act 1 could play Fellamar in Act 3, or Thwackum in Act 1 could perhaps play the Constable in Act 3.

A range of ages is required.

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from May 16

Performance dates: 11th – 15th July 2023

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