A Community Land Trust for Thame

We are pleased to announce that Thame Community Land Trust Limited (Thame CLT) has been registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Community Benefit Society.
The principal objective of the Trust is to provide genuinely affordable housing (both for sale and for rent) which is located within and around Thame. The focus of that provision will be on people with a strong local connection to Thame having the aim of keeping families together. The Trust will attempt to fill in the gaps that existing provision has left, between current affordable housing policy and the open market. If not a total cure for the affordability problems that affect Thame, the Trust expects to make a significant difference.
The legal formation is only the start and the Trust is moving on already. A call for sites, specifically for Thame CLT, is being made and application has been made to the Community Housing Fund (administered by Homes England) for a substantial grant towards taking a future site through to planning permission.
There will no doubt be both successes and disappointments along the way but the effort will be undoubtedly worth it. It is a journey that Thame people can take part in. The Trust is a member based organisation and we will, very shortly, be asking for people to join. So, watch out for future announcements.
Whilst independent of Thame Town Council, the Trust would like to acknowledge the moral and physical support it has received from the Council in leading to its formation.
For further information about this announcement and for information on Thame CLT please contact Bob Austin, Chair of Thame CLT Steering Group.
Contact details:  07840 359490, email: bobaustin60@gmail.com
Pictured: Photograph of the signing of the Thame CLT Constitution.  Steering Group Members: Bob Austin (pictured), Charles Boundy, David Bretherton (pictured), Graeme Markland, Ann Midwinter, Andrea Oughton (pictured), Graeme Parker, Tony Rushforth, Kay Sentance and Matt Sutton (pictured).

Date posted: Monday 11 March 2019