Cricket Club Clubhouse Redevelopment update – May 2018

Sports Clubhouses have published a construction update for the Thame Town Cricket Club Clubhouse Redevelopment. Please read the update below or click here to read the PDF version with images included.

Works undertaken during March

The weather began to improve in March and, with the concrete piles all installed, the groundworks team spent some time forming the steel reinforcement required before the concrete could be poured to form the concrete slab. With the slab now in place, the groundworks team installed the lower course of brickwork ready for the timber frame installation.

Works undertaken during April and May

The timer frame team commenced in April and they quickly installed the ground floor timber frame.

With the ground floor ceiling steels installed, the team focused on working towards building up the first floor and then roof works. Scaffolding was erected across the building to prepare for this. With the scaffolding in place, the cut and pitch timber rafters were then installed towards the end of April and beginning of May as the roof began to take shape. The roof works have continued excellently over the course of the month and the team are now felt and battening across the roof finish so that the building can be watertight and ready for the roof tiles to be installed.

Please visit Sports Clubhouses’ Facebook page for regular photo updates of the project as the construction develops on site:

Works scheduled for June

  • Roof tiling works
  • External timber cladding
  • Installation of all external doors and windows
  • Commencement of the external stone cladding
  • Ongoing fit out construction inclusive of first fix electrical and mechanical works and all insulating and boarding
  • Commencement of second phase external works

Date posted: Friday 8 June 2018