Introducing: Thame Shopwatch

A new initiative to increase safety in Thame

On Wednesday 5 April, the SHOPWATCH scheme will launch in Thame. The scheme will provide the retail community of Thame with greater capabilities to deal with persons committing offences, such as shoplifting and anti-social behaviour, in the town. Such offences, through the scheme, could lead to a ban from all shops with a maximum ban time being unlimited.


Shops that have signed up to the scheme will also receive a radio, which will have a constant and direct link between other shops and the Police, as well as a member of the Thame Neighbourhood Team to ensure regular contact. This will provide faster communication and responses, and enable an intelligence and information sharing capability throughout Thame.


You will start to see some new ‘SHOPWATCH’ stickers displayed in the shop windows in Thame. The stickers indicate that the shop is part of SHOPWATCH and any persons banned under the scheme will not be permitted to enter this shop.


If you would like to know more about the scheme, or have anything you would like to discuss with the police, why not come along to their Community Café on Wednesday 26 April between 6-8pm at the Town Hall?