Your chance to design Thame’s town flag!

We need you!

In 2016, Thame Town Council installed a Flag Pole outside the Town Hall and various flags are flown to mark special and significant occasions throughout the year. However, the Flag Pole is not used all the time and the Town Council, with the help from the people of Thame, want to change that!


That is why the Town Council is launching a Thame Flag Design Competition, open to everyone in Thame, to help us design a town flag! In line with the Town Council re-branding which took place last year, the Town Council would like you to use our branding colours and incorporate in some way the town logo / crest on the design of the flag.


How to enter:

You can download a Design Pack from the Town Council’s website or pick one up from Thame Town Hall, which includes templates for A4 hand-drawn designs, competition terms and conditions, the colour palette and logo / crest. You can either submit your design electronically to, or by dropping your design into the Town Hall.


The competition is open from Monday 13 March until Monday 10 April.


Please go to to download a Design Pack and for more information.